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Inspired impulse

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Weißes Buch, 60. Exercise

You too are developmentally of different age levels. Even when the WORD first breaks through in you, you are still child. Your life span does not last only thirty years as it did with Me. You will outgrow your child-being by and by. You will discard childhood and transform toward perfect love, whereby absolute perfection is only conditionally possible while you are in the earthly garment; conditionally because the human being with his ego cannot be eliminated. However, your inner striving should always be aligned with this perfection, with this channel: simply to be, without wanting anything, without judgment, without condemnation!read

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Inspired impulse „Do not put aside the Schooling Book, for when you receive the impulse to open it, do so. Just crack it wherever it falls. It will be the exact place to help you when you are in doubt as to how you should turn.“(70. Schulung)
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